September 21st (Autumn Equinox) to September 28th (Full Moon)

Hi Friends! Can you feel the days getting shorter? We are fast approaching the fall time, and with this change in season comes a natural inclination to change the way we eat. What we grub on now helps fortify our immunity for the winter months, and it is a great time to give our bodies some gentle, loving support. That's why I have prepared an easy, nourishing and delicious autumn cleans that will help ease us towards our best health. It is designed to lavish your body with nutrition and provide support in changing one's core dietary habits with a heavy emphasis on expanding our eating repertoires. By synthesizing the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine's understanding of food and nutrition, and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, you are in for a tasty and affordable treat. 

This cleans is as much about enjoying the process of making food as it is the eating of it! I hope you will take this leap with me, as I will be right along with you, practicing what I preach, and learning from my process and yours along the way. Changing eating patterns can be emotional, even temporarily. My role will be to provide a basic map of the cleanse as well as a tailored map to suit your personal needs; we are each other's coconspirators in finding creative ways to bust through any blocks that may come up. 

What is the Anti-Inflammation Diet? It is a way of eating that avoids common irritants that cause cellular inflammation throughout the body. Research finds more and more evidence that links chronic inflammation to such conditions as heart disease, diabetes, allergies, asthma, chronic pain and insomnia. When our diets are full of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, toxins that tax our adrenal glands, foods high in acidity, fats that are difficult to digest, and grains that deliver empty calories, our bodies get T I R E D... and that's just in the short term. In the long term, we become more vulnerable to chronic diseases. 

What does Traditional Chinese Medicine have to to with it? TCM is steeped in the notion that food is medicine, and that there are specific foods that help aid people according to their personal constitutions. This medicine is also dedicated to the art of eating food that is appropriate for the season. The meal plans take this into account, providing maximum flexibility according to each participants basic constitution as well as their unique palate. 

What does it look like to participate in this group cleanse? Joining the AUTUMN EQUINOX CLEANS is a great way to get information, mentorship and support in your weeklong journey. This cleanse is not about purity of performance! It is about committing a week's worth of time to slowing down so that we can all pay attention to our diets and bring consciousness and self-love to our physical experience. Changing eating pattern can be hard! But it can also be a fun and deeply healing way to pave a more vibrant path to everyday life. We do eat every day, after all! This cleanse is in the business of being a skill building exercise that opens up more long term eating options to its participants. Again, I will be doing this right alongside everyone, with my own experience at hand! 

What to expect: I will be updating everyone who wishes to participate on a private page on my website. Basic information will be available by Friday to help prepare for the week ahead. That will give everyone 3 days to: read the material, as well as source and shop for new key ingredients. The food that is recommended can, in most part, be easily found at farmers markets or the bulk bins of a health food store. There are no fancy supplements, although multivitamins are always recommended! I will be available by email and able to respond to inquiries every day, and can help each participant tailer the cleans to their own particular needs. This class will also include some reflections on the wheel of the year, and make use of the fun coincidence that this cleans culmnates on the FULL MOON. Each participant will fill out an e-mail about their current eating patterns, allergies, health conditions, etc. so I can better help you form this cleans around your needs. Each participant is encouraged to email check in with me everyday; I will be sharing anonymous check in snippets with the group if I am hearing common, funny, or inspiring feedback. I want to give everyone the sense that we are doing this TOGETHER. 

If you are interested Go ahead and register by 'making an appointment' under the AUTUMN EQUINOX CLEANSE. You will have to choose a 'time', so please choose anytime monday Sept 21.  I am offering this cleanse at a sliding scale of $35 to $75. Once you register, you will receive a password to the *private* cleanse page on my website. 

I hope this offer reaches everyone in good health and spirits!


Stevie Ann

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Autumn Equinox Cleans